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The Skills Company’s aim is to support the transformation of the Greater Manchester economy by providing individuals with new skills and employment opportunities. A key part of delivering that aim is building long-term partnerships with providers who can complement and strengthen our skills offer, and help us to help more learners and businesses succeed.

For further information on the partnerships we are looking for please read our Subcontractors Prospectus along with our Subcontracting Policy.

Download our Subcontractors Prospectus here.

Download our Subcontracting Policy Here


 The standard subcontract management fee is 15% of the SFA/EFA funding received against each learner as outlined in SFA good practice guidelines.  This will apply to:

  • Full subcontracting (Provision)
  • Employer led subcontracting
  • College partners

However, where a new Subcontractor needs more intensive support and management then a higher management may be negotiated as appropriate.  This is to reflect the resources required to provide more intensive support to ensure quality standards are being met and any risk is being properly managed during any development process. At the end of the agreed period and once all quality thresholds are met the subcontractor will transfer to the applicable standard rate.

We are open and transparent with our Supply Chain Fees which are published annually;

Download our Supply Chain Fees here

For further information please contact the subcontracting team: SUB@theskillsco.com